December 12, 2012
Huffington Post writes article about something; people fall in love with guy in photo; can’t get to main article

Maybe it’s his hair…we can’t decide. xoxoxoxoxoxo <3

July 6, 2012
A Bunch Of People Are Saying, “I’m Gay!”; World Is Saying “And…?”

Today the Huffington Post is hosting a live discussion entitled, “Is Coming Out Passe?” This discussion comes on the heels of Anderson Cooper’s widely reported announcement and also the announcement of someone we’ve never heard of

We’re anxious to see what people have to say about this because while maybe the notion of ‘coming out’ is not passe, it also didn’t feel newsworthy. 

What do you guys think? We just read the comments here and people are pretty heated about it. 

On a different note: The article says that Cooper came out to a friend in an email, how is his friend going to then forward the email on to Huffpo and every other website in the world? Brutal.

July 5, 2012
I decided I was going to meet the man of my dreams on the plane ride back to Utah; I didn’t

I forgot to tell you guys about the ride back to Utah from Maryland

. Here’s what happened:

1. The guy in the blue hat above offered my seat (the isle seat) to the girl with the blonde hair.

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July 3, 2012

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July 2, 2012
"Conservative Boy Wonder No Longer Conservative"; Sits Like This To Prove It

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June 23, 2012
Internet Lie #4,832

There is no way doing what is being done in this picture makes you learn a foreign language.

June 23, 2012
Wearing A Shirt With Your Own Face On It; Lebron James Did It, Would You?

Well, would you?

ps. Best facial expression post winning an NBA final goes to D. Wade!


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June 22, 2012
Music Video Goes Viral; Not Sure Why

Apparently this video has gone viral (we haven’t checked the Youtube stats) because this musician makes a record number of costume changes during the clip. But we’re kindof like “yeah….but you look like the same exact guy in every costume?” 

Maybe we don’t know our music very well. At any rate, check it out! See if you can watch the whole thing!

June 21, 2012
Have you guys noticed that Miley Cyrus is in the news all the time?

Like here, for example.

June 19, 2012
Oh. My. Goodness.

Click for the article.

Hint: It’s exactly what you think it’s going to be, and you’ll think the exact thoughts that you think you’re going to think. 

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